30 Oct 2012

Polling well underway in Vanuatu

2:37 pm on 30 October 2012

Polling is well underway in Vanuatu's general election.

Ni-Vanuatu are voting at 344 stations across the country, with 12 of those in the capital, Port Vila.

Johnny Blades is at one of the polling booths.

"People wait patiently in long queues holding their electoral cards. There's a quiet determination among voters and electoral officials alike to get through the voting process in a peaceful and timely fashion. At some polling stations electoral officials call out the name on the voter's card as an extra form of verification before their names are also checked off the official list. Most go through fine but instances of people brandishing an electoral card belonging to someone else or with a false name are slowly piling up. The Electoral Commission says polling is going well across the country but that its head office has faced a great deal of pressure from political parties already today over various discrepancies with the electoral roll."