2 Nov 2012

Commonwealth promises Nauru climate change funds

4:03 pm on 2 November 2012

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma, says the agency is promising to help Nauru and other small island states access funds for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Mr Sharma visited Nauru this week and climate change and climate financing are uppermost in the minds of Nauru's leaders.

He says Nauru is also chairing the 44 member Alliance of Small Island States over the next three years and the Commonwealth will help support it in this role, particularly on matters relating to climate change.

"You know, climate change is a big field. Many people are active in it and we have said that we will work with them and for the others in a similar position, to try and unlock as many of the funds that may be available in climate change right now, apart from asking that the international environmental governance should be more sensitive to their needs."

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma