9 Nov 2012

SDL calls for support for Fiji Constitution Commission

10:46 am on 9 November 2012

Fiji's ousted SDL Party says the Constitution Commission and its head, Yash Ghai, should be given all the support from the people, and especially the regime, to complete its work.

The party says the people of Fiji see this Commission as the best way forward in the political deadend Fiji has been in since 2006 when the military overthrew the government.

The regime has decreed changes to the process of drawing up a new constitution and publicly rebuked Professor Ghai with allegations that he was trying to hijack the process.

The SDL says it is unfortunate that the Commission chair has been constrained by what it calls unnecessary hassles which will not help his work.

It says the international community is watching what is taking place in Fiji and the credibility of the outcome.

The regime abolished the 1997 constitution three years ago after the appeal court ruled that the post-coup interim administration was illegal.