12 Nov 2012

Fiji Social Welfare Ministry says child abuse less tolerated

8:22 am on 12 November 2012

The Permanent Secretary of Fiji's Ministry of Social Welfare says there is growing intolerance for child abuse and neglect in the country.

Govind Sami's comments follow the recent launch of the annual Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect campaign.

Mr Sami says the introduction of the interim government's Child Welfare Decree two years ago, coupled with awareness campaigns have boosted the number of reported cases of child abuse.

"We have cases of people reporting even very minor, minor abuses are being reported. But this is something that might not have been reported in the past. But this is a good sign that there is greater awareness and that there is this move towards zero tolerance to violence against children or abuse of their rights."

Govind Sami says the government is currently improving existing legislation to provide greater protection to children.