12 Nov 2012

Salvation Army in Fiji says some police not taking child abuse cases seriously

11:31 am on 12 November 2012

The Salvation Army in Fiji says some police officers are not taking reports of child abuse seriously.

The interim government and UNICEF are currently running a 19 day campaign to promote the protection and development of children.

A spokesman for the Salvation Army in Fiji, Nigel Luscombe, says some police officers have treated reports about alleged child abuse as a laughing matter.

"One of our centres phoned up and said we've got a man threatening outside our building and the police station probably not even a half a kilometre away and the police officer's response was, oh we've got no vehicle, we can't come up to you. And our manager was going, hang on, this guy's threatening and we need him moved on and they just said, oh no we can't come."

Nigel Luscombe says the police eventually showed up but a few days too late.