12 Nov 2012

National United Party keeps Vanuatu guessing over who will form next government

12:28 pm on 12 November 2012

The leader of Vanuatu's National United Party says it should be in a position later today to announce which political grouping it intends to support.

This comes nearly two weeks after the general election returned Vanuatu's most fragmented parliament yet.

Two main groups of MPs claim to have the numbers to form government - one supporting the caretaker Prime Minister Sato Kilman and the other behind the Edward Natapei-led Vanuaaku Pati.

However, the National United Party has signed agreements to support both camps, which its leader Ham Lini admits looks confusing.

"What happened, I actually as the party's official spokesman have signed with the Kilman group but my vice-president has signed with the Natapei group. But because I am the official spokesman of the party, it's not the vice-president's job... so I should be on that side. But maybe other things can happen in order to change the idea by today."

Ham Lini