12 Nov 2012

Campaigners against domestic violence told of vital impact of measurable data

4:06 pm on 12 November 2012

A regional meeting on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls being held in Fiji has been told that data on violence is vital if change is to be achieved.

Australia's Global Ambassador for Women and Girls, Penny Williams, points to the impact of data such as the prevalence studies showing two thirds of women have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault.

She says to help the victims, gathering and analysing the data must be made a priority.

Ms Williams says campaigners need the data because they cannot rely on moral arguments, regardless of how compelling they are.

"We have to made a rigorous case backed up solid evidence and data. Data not only measures progress it inspires it. Once you start measuring problems people are more, and governments are more, inclined to take action to fix them. Because quite frankly no government wants to end up at the bottom of the list of rankings."

Australia's Global Ambassador for Women and Girls, Penny Williams