12 Nov 2012

Vanuatu Electoral Chief calls for new electoral roll by 2016

4:06 pm on 12 November 2012

The chairman of Vanuatu's Electoral Commission says the country must start afresh with a new electoral roll for the next general election in 2016.

John Taleo has received a number of complaints about the electoral roll and the electoral card system in the recent poll.

Thousands of voters were reportedly denied the chance to vote because their electoral cards were not properly registered by officials.

And the official number of registered voters - over 192,000 - is believed to be a huge inflation of the real number of eligible voters.

John Taleo concedes the electoral roll has many errors and that the only solution is to completely overhaul it.

"We clean every roll and then we start up again to make the registration from the six provinces. And the other issue that we raised with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs is that we have to have an ID (electoral) card now to avoid those people who can vote three times during the election."