19 Nov 2012

New partnership to help protect native birds in Pacific

11:27 am on 19 November 2012

Two conservation organisations are teaming up to try to curb the threat to native birds and biodiversity throughout the Pacific region.

Island Conservation, a California based organisation has signed an agreement with BirdLife International's Pacific office to help protect native biodiversity of Pacific Islands.

Rats, feral cats and mongoose are among introduced species responsible for the decline and extinction of a number of Pacific Island birds and other wildlife.

The regional Director for BirdLife International, Don Stewart, says Island Conservation brings considerable experience to the cause.

"They have concentration on this one mission to get rid of introduced invasive species on islands, they are very focussed on that and they have considerable resources both in expertise and financially. It was the obvious thing to do for both organisations to get together."

Don Stewart says from next year the two organisations will work on a number of joint work programmes in the region.