20 Nov 2012

Escaped prisoners in Fiji recaptured

10:15 am on 20 November 2012

Three out of the six Fiji prisoners that escaped from their respective remand cells in different incidents were recaptured by the police yesterday.

32-year-old Daniel Thomas and 39-year-old Maleli Vinakasigadua who escaped with 26-year-old Nacanieli Bakata from the Nadi Police Station last week were recaptured in Ba.

While the third remand prisoner, Sanaila Tabuavula who escaped from the Korovou Prison on Sunday night was also recaptured yesterday in Veisari, Lami.

He is currently in custody at the Nabua Police Station.

Three escapees still remain at large and they are 24-year old Iowane Benidito of Kinoya, Bakata of Wailada, Lami and Ravuame Kedraika.