20 Nov 2012

CNMI still safe destination despite crash

10:16 am on 20 November 2012

Government officials in the Northern Marianas say the Commonwealth remains a safe place for travel.

A plane crash yesterday morning left one dead and six others injured, one critically.

The Star Marianas flight was returning from Tinian when it crashed.

But Tinian Mayor Ramon Dela Cruz says Star Marianas has over 100 flights a day or over 4,000 a month.

And our correspondent says it's the airline company's first fatal accident.

Meanwhilel, the Governor, Benigno Fitial and Lieutinenet Governor Eloy Inos, in a statement, said their prayers go out to the families of the passenger who died, and also to those who survived the accident at the Saipan International Airport.

But they also added the CNMI is still a safe place to travel.