21 Nov 2012

Tropical depression heading towards Fiji

2:08 pm on 21 November 2012

A tropical depression is expected to bring heavy rain and strong winds to parts of Fiji tomorrow, with the possibility of flooding.

Misaeli Funaki from the Fiji Meteorological Service says it's anticipated the weather system will move across the Eastern part of Vanuatu overnight and gradually move in a South-East direction towards Fiji.

Mr Funaki says the associated trough is expected to affect the southern part of the country from the later part of tomorrow.

He says people living in the southern half of Viti Levu and nearby small islands need to take care.


Though it's not expected to make a direct threat to Fiji at the moment but the associated weather, the heavy rain that could bring some sort of flooding in the low lying areas and the winds as well.

Misaeli Funaki from the Fiji Meteorological Service.