22 Nov 2012

Fiji police can't say if trade unionist has lodged complaint

5:20 am on 22 November 2012

The assistant commissioner of police in Fiji says all cases involving trade unionists who have complained of abuse at the hands of the military have been investigated but he can't comment on any of them.

A union leader Felix Anthony lodged a statement with the police in July, claiming he received threats and was assaulted by military officers last year because of statements critical of the regime.

There have been complaints of brutality at the hands of military and police personnel by trade unionists and the assistant commissioner of police, Rusiate Tudravu, insists they are all investigated.

But Mr Tudravu couldn't say if they had received a complaint from Mr Anthony.

"Why should I tell you? Q. I thought this was an open organisation. Yes we are open and transparent but all I can say to you is that the investigation is ongoing and all cases that are reported to the police, we are investigating it."

The assistant commissioner of police, Rusiate Tudravu.