22 Nov 2012

Track record hailed as key to NZ success in winning Fiji roading contracts

2:14 pm on 22 November 2012

New Zealand's track record in construction in Fiji is being hailed as the reason multi-million dollar roading contracts have been awarded to three New Zealand companies.

The comment precedes the interim government's formal announcement of both the contract budgets and the names of the successful companies, under a new scheme to outsource the work of the Fiji Roads Authority.

The president of the New Zealand Fiji Business Council says the political impasse between the two countries over the past few years has prompted Fiji to take a Look North approach.

But Rick Reid says some of the roading work done by Malaysian and Chinese firms in Fiji has been disastrous.

"In fact one of the companies, I believe, most of the machinery's sitting on the side of the road up towards Rakiraki with the keys sitting in the ignition and they just walked away, just walked away from the contract. They said it was too hard. So New Zealand companies, especially in the construction industry and in road building, have got a very good name."

Rick Reid says it's a thrill to see the friendship that has built up between Fiji and New Zealand over many years prove to be worthwhile.