26 Nov 2012

Head of Business at University of South Pacific supports 2013 Fiji Budget spending on infrastructure

2:29 pm on 26 November 2012

The focus on improving infrastructure in Fiji's Budget for 2013 has been welcomed by the head of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of the South Pacific.

Professor Biman Prasad believes it is worth increasing the budget deficit, or overspend, by 122 million US dollars to encourage investment by bringing basic facilities up to scratch.

"On of the key issues facing Fiji is the degenerating state of the infrastructure and this has been an old problem in the last 25 years. The amount of spending on infrastrucutre has been in a deficit."

An extra 102 million US dollars has been added to the budget for roading

Fiji's Labour Party has described the annual budget sessions over the past four years as a farce given they are conducted in an environment the party says is completely lacking in transparency.