29 Nov 2012

Press gallery in Samoa's Parliament would improve reporting - news editor

4:22 am on 29 November 2012

A news editor in Samoa says reporting from parliament could be dramatically improved if reporters had a press gallery or press box.

Consulting work about the design of the new Parliament, which will replace the old building on its current site, is currently being undertaken.

Currently reporters can sit in the public gallery, but only for some sessions and only at certain times.

The editor of the Apia Financial Review, Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson, says if there was a press box with a separate entrance for journalists within parliament, it will change the way they report for the better.

"If you want to hear what they're saying in parliament the press box would make it easier for you to just walk in and walk out, listen to what they have to say. It could imrpove it dramatically if we have access to facilities where we could file from parliament but at this point you have to go back to the office to report."

Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson.