29 Nov 2012

Company behind mysterious CNMI power deal in territory for talks

3:03 pm on 29 November 2012

Officials of the Delaware based company that was awarded a multi million dollar power supply deal in the Northern Marianas are in the territory for talks.

The 191 million US dollar deal was secretly signed off by the governor, Benigno Fitial and the former attorney general Edward Buckingham, just before he was forced out of the CNMI in early August.

The secrecy surrounding the deal has been one of the main factors driving continuing efforts to impeach Governor Fitial.

Under the power scheme the Delaware company, called Saipan Development LLC, has a 25 year deal to provide diesel generated electricity to the main utility.

The company has claimed there would be no up front costs to the CNMI government and it would be much more cost-effective than operating the existing power plant.

But the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation questions this.