1 Dec 2012

Nauru MP confident asylum seekers getting reasonable standard of care

10:07 am on 1 December 2012

As tensions heightened this week at the Nauru camp housing nearly 400 asylum seekers sent by Australia, the Nauru Government says it is confident systems are in place to provide a reasonable standard of care.

As hungry strikes continue, there have also been clashes between the inmates and guards.

Australian officials have confirmed more self harming incidents while there are reports from refugee advocates that more inmates have attempted suicide.

Nauru MP Mathew Batsuia says construction of a more suitable permanent facility should start shortly, while they have visited the camp and explained when the processing of refugee claims will start.

He says the inmates were told the process would be a robust one, protected by law.

"And the majority of them accepted [that] and they were quite relieved that there was something on the horizon and they are going to start with the interviews. And as a result of that we have seen a drop in the number of people in the voluntary starvations for example, but there is still a lot of coercion going on."