3 Dec 2012

Strengthening Constitution restores confidence - former PNG deputy PM

7:52 am on 3 December 2012

Papua New Guinea's former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Abal says political stability can help government implement its policies but has warned about the pitfalls of government going unchecked.

Parliamentarians have supported the first reading of a bill to extend the grace period before a vote of no confidence can be held to 30 months following an election.

Mr Abal, whose petition challenging his recent election defeat in Wabag is currently in the courts, says as a young democracy PNG would benefit from political stability.

But he says given political ructions of the last year, strengthening the constitution could be the best way to restore confidence in PNG's democratic institutions.

"I'm concerned because of what has happened where parliament has been bulldozing through things, laws, even breaking the constitution. Nowhere in a democratic parliament in the world do you see absolute, unanimous votes in this and that. There must be some questions."

A former Papua New Guinea deputy prime minister, Sam Abal.