4 Dec 2012

Fiji appointment to head of sugar's international trade body nothing to celebrate: union

1:02 pm on 4 December 2012

The president of Fiji's National Farmers Union says the appointment of the interim prime minister to the chair of the international trade body for sugar is nothing to celebrate.

The London-based International Sugar Organisation comprises 86 member states and its aims include ensuring enhanced international cooperation on world sugar matters.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama describes his appointment as a great honour for Fiji but the farmers union's Surendra Lal says the job is in the wrong hands.

"It's not a matter for celebration. I think Mr Bainimarama should come to his senses now, for what actually he and his government have been doing in the sugar industry has just virtually crippled the sugar industry."

Surendra Lal says by abolishing the Fiji Sugar Commission and restricting operation of the Sugar Cane Growers Council Commodore Bainimarama has prevented essential discussion of the industry's major issues.