5 Dec 2012

World Vision in Bougainville develops basic education courses with community input

4:26 pm on 5 December 2012

The non governmental organisation, World Vision says two new centres providing basic education in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville should succeed, because of community buy in.

Educational services are seen as vital for Bougainville because it is still recovering from the shut down of services that occurred during and after the ten year long civil war.

World Vision's project manager, Helen Teviri, says they will cater for children, and adults up to the age of about 25.

She says while other such schemes have failed on Bougainville, the community involvement is likely to be the critical factor in sustaining their Basic Education Improvement Plan.

"If the community can plan whatever programmes that they feel that the community would have in there, they can plan all that and they understand, the whole community understands the programmes and takes ownership of that and understands these things are to be met then I think that the sustainability of the project will be there."

World Vision's Helen Teviri.