5 Dec 2012

Pacific youth leaders look at lessons learned from living through disasters

4:11 pm on 5 December 2012

Youth leaders from around the Pacific have been sharing their experiences and the lessons learnt by living through natural disasters.

They are taking part in this week's Power Shift Pacific: Looking Beyond Disaster - Youth Forum and will develop action plans on how to strengthen community resilience to disasters.

Micah Fuhiniu's coastal home on Niue was completely demolished when Cyclone Heta hit in 2004.

She says it was chaos and there were no plans put in place before, during or after the cyclone.

Micah Fuhiniu says she intends to take back plans that can help her community be more prepared, because leaving things to the last minute did not work for Niue in 2004

"For families, arrange things. So let's say if somethings gonna happen, meet up here. I mean, just the basics, because that's what we are lacking up there. We are lacking even the basics. We need more community leaders to come up, get together and teach the people OK, this is what happens, you should do this and this and this, not just wing it."

Youth leader from Niue, Micah Fuhiniu.