6 Dec 2012

Fiji women leaders call for woman as co-chair of Constituent Assembly

5:12 am on 6 December 2012

Women leaders in Fiji are calling for a woman to be co-chair of the country's Constituent Assembly.

The assembly which will debate the country's draft constitution is due to start work next month but the interim government has yet to announce who it will appoint to the body.

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls of Femlink Pacific says a woman as co-chair would bring important formal recognition for women in the democratisation process.

She says a deputy role is not good enough and they want equal status at the head of the body.

"So that we can be assured of the gender equality and women's human rights' commitments and priorities are being addressed. Quite often in many political processes, despite women's contribution we get left to the sideline."

Ms Bhagwan Rolls says this week's 3rd Fiji Women's Forum of women leaders decided on thirteen representatives who will be put forward for the assembly.