6 Dec 2012

Sport: Funding shortfall could force Vanuatu beach volleyballers to miss major tournaments

11:26 am on 6 December 2012

Despite their recent on court success, Vanuatu's top beach volleyballers could be forced to skip world tour events next year if they don't find new sponsors.

Henriette Iatika and Joyce Joshua won gold at the Oceania Championships this week, beating Australia in the final.

Iatika and Miller Elwin also recorded 2nd and 9th place finished on the world tour recently and are on course to qualify for the 2013 World Cup.

But the President of the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation Debbie Masaufakalo says the financial cupboards are bare and they may be forced to skip tournaments in Australia next month as well as crucial world tour events if they can't drum up some support.

"The results speak for themselves - they're winning - and we get huge press exposure. Fantastic for sponsors to jump on board: get their logos on our uniforms; get the TV coverage; get the media exposure and join us in the World Championships."