6 Dec 2012

Summit in American Samoa discusses exporting breadfruit

2:37 pm on 6 December 2012

A breadfruit summit held by the Department of Agriculture in American Samoa is discussing selling the product internationally.

Breadfruit, or ulu, is a Pacific staple and a viable source of gluten-free flour.

Attending the summit are scientists, farmers and members of the food and agriculture industry.

Director of Agriculture, Lealao Mel Purcell, hopes the panel of experts speaking at the summit provide a greater understanding of the wider market:

"The knowledge that will be given to us throughout these scientists is knowing what kind of a market we can approach, utilising our breadfruit as a market to the rest of the USA and Hawaii and where ever else there is an interest in a gluten free product."

Director of Agriculture in American Samoa Lealao Mel Purcell.