11 Dec 2012

Woman dies from dengue fever in New Caledonia

7:42 am on 11 December 2012

A woman has died as a result of dengue fever in New Caledonia.

The government is warning people to destroy mosquito breeding sites following an outbreak of the virus across most regions of the territory.

So far this month authorities have recorded 34 cases of type-one dengue virus, and 127 were reported last month.

Dr Yvan Souares from the Public Health Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, which is based in New Caledonia, says the death is the first to be recorded in the current dengue season.

"The only thing that we know is the woman died at home of a severe form of dengue fever as far as we know. Some people die of dengue fever we know, and especially when they have co-morbidity such as other diseases that can make them more susceptible to other health problems and that's the case for that lady."

Dr Yvan Souares the outbreak of dengue fever has come a month earlier than usual but says there is no explanation for it.