10 Dec 2012

Former police being evicted from PNG barracks to make way for new recruits

7:18 pm on 10 December 2012

Former police officers in Papua New Guinea's National Capital District are being evicted from police barracks.

The acting Deputy Police Commissioner in charge of Administration, Jim Wan, says they have been sympathetic for too long in continuing to house members who have retired, resigned or been dismissed from the police.

He says some of these people and their families have continued to live in police accommodation for up to ten years.

There are more than 100 houses in the city currently occupied by former staff but Mr Wan says they need to free them up for the serving officers.

Mr Wan says the eviction exercise will eventually be extended throughout the country.

He says the force has been too generous, humane and sympathetic but it is expanding with the arrival of new recruits and drastic action is needed to accommodate them.