11 Dec 2012

Ill Nauru hunger striker reportedly sent back to island from Brisbane

7:39 am on 11 December 2012

The Kurdish Iranian hunger striker, Omid Sorouseh, who was medivacced from Nauru to Australia ten days ago has reportedly been returned to the island.

Mr Sorouseh had refused food for at least 50 days as a protest over being sent to Nauru.

The Refugee Action Coalition says he was rushed to Australia with kidney failure and his sudden return shows a callous disregard for his welfare.

The Coalition has condemned the decision to send him back, saying it puts his life at risk again.

Spokesperson Ian Rintoul compares it to the treatment meted out by the British government to hunger striking suffragettes at the turn of the last century.

The Coalition says at least two other asylum seekers brought from Nauru remain in hospital in Australia.