11 Dec 2012

CNMI police yet to release details about double homicide

1:24 pm on 11 December 2012

The police on Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands say they have no reason to believe that the double homicide case they are investigating is a random crime.

An autopsy was performed on the remains of the two victims on Sunday night but police will not release the exact cause of death until the next of kin have been notified.

The Department of Public Safety has created a special task force to investigate the case.

Our correspondent in the CNMI, Mark Rabago, says the police wouldn't go as far as saying that the killings were planned out.

"They're saying that it's not a random case, it's not a random crime, they're saying it's not a robbery case that's gone haywire. Although they wouldn't say that it's something that's planned, something that's premeditated - not, not random."

Mark Rabago.

The police say the victims' car, which was missing from their San Vicente home, was recovered by police on Sunday morning in Garapan.