13 Dec 2012

Samoa declares disaster over cyclone damage

12:22 pm on 13 December 2012

Samoa's National Disaster Management Office says the damage from Tropical Cyclone Evan has been officially declared a disaster.

The Assistant CEO Filamena Nelson says the main problem is fallen trees, with many obstructing roads and bringing power lines down, cutting electricity.

She says some homes have been damaged by the trees but there are no reports of deaths or injuries.

She says the government is closely monitoring weather information but at this stage it can cope with the clean up out of existing funds and is not yet asking for international assistance.

"Our Deputy Prime Minister just signed a Declaration of Disaster which is made under our Disaster and Emergency Management Act 2007 and this is effective for forty-eight hours. The extension of that will very much depend on the situation."

Filamena Nelson says the whole of Samoa has been affected by high winds, surface flooding and storm surges from the cyclone.