16 Dec 2012

4,000 spend another night in Samoa shelters

7:38 am on 16 December 2012

About 4,000 people in Samoa have spent another night in emergency shelters after their homes were destroyed, mainly by heavy flooding caused by Cyclone Evan.

At least four people have died and eight others are missing including five crew members of a fishing boat.

The Samoan authorities say the displaced are being sheltered at the National University, schools, hospital and sports facilities.

The main power station on Upolo has been damaged and parts to repair it are expected to arrive early next week.

Linesmen are restoring fallen power lines in the rural areas of Upolo and electricity is still available in most parts of Savai'i.

Much of the water supply has been damaged by heavy flooding and trucks have begun delivering water to homes that don't have a supply.