20 Dec 2012

Samoa business leader encourages tourists to keep coming

7:35 pm on 20 December 2012

Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says it is still encouraging tourists to visit Samoa despite the damage caused to some businesses by the recent cyclone.

The Chamber's President, Sami Leota, says electricity is now back on in the CBD and progress is being made to restore water and phone services.

He says Samoa offers a unique experience as it recovers from the damage and businesses have shown they can use determination to recover from past disasters.

He says he hopes people will keep coming to see Samoa for themselves.

"Not the whole tourism industry is affected, not the whole business community is affected. There'll still be options around for them to come through, I'll still encourage them to come and have a look. It's also an experience to come and see what's actually happened over here. And although this has been a major cyclone for us, the spirit will never go down."

Sami Leota says the unique thing about Samoa is the people are still smiling even as they go through the recovery process.