27 Dec 2012

NGOs in Tonga to focus on anti-violence programmes in 2013

5:14 am on 27 December 2012

Tonga's Civil Society Forum and the National Leadership Development Forum are planning programmes for next year to try to stem the growing incidence of violence in the country.

There have been a number of killings in Nuku'alofa in recent months, including two that have led to eight police being charged with manslaughter.

There have also been violent robberies and a kidnapping and more clashes between students from rival schools.

Speaking for both organisations, Drew Havea, says they are quite concerned at the escalating violence.

He says they plan programmes in the schools and the community to encourage discussion of violence and look for ways forward.

Mr Havea says they will also focus on alcohol abuse.

"How can we minimise, how can we look at binge drinking to educate the population and especially in the community that you can enjoy drinking without overdoing it. So as well as the school forums we want to run focus groups in the community to look at these issues."