27 Dec 2012

Fiji's CC calls for transitional government before 2014 polls

4:13 pm on 27 December 2012

Fiji's Constitution Commission says a transitional government should assume power six months before the elections the interim regime has promised to hold by September 2014.

While the Commission's draft constitution has not yet been formally released, copies are circulating on the internet.

Don Wiseman has more:

"The Commission calls for a Transitional Advisory Council that would oversee the establishment of a caretaker government which must take over six months before the election. It says the up to 15 members of the caretaker government could be selected by the Council from people who have served as permanent secretaries or in similar positions in the government administration. It says this would ensure there was the administrative know how to run the country until the elections. The caretaker government's key role would be to ensure that elections can take place. It says such an arrangement would be in the interests of everyone leading up to the election. It says candidates would not be able to complain that the military was manipulating the elections and that everyone would be on an equal footing. It also says no one in the caretaker government could stand in the election."