3 Jan 2013

Solomons disaster officials still assessing damage from Freda

2:41 pm on 3 January 2013

A Solomon Islands disaster official says an assessment of the damage caused by Cyclone Freda in the provinces of Makira-Ulawa, Guadalcanal and Malaita will be completed today.

Steve Nasiu of the National Disaster Management Office says there was widespread flooding in Makira-Ulawa as well as in parts of Guadalcanal, including the capital Honiara.

He says homes in the city were flooded and food gardens destroyed but the impact of flooding is thought to be most severe in Makira-Ulawa.

Mr Nasiu says officials don't know yet how many of Makira's 20,000 residents will need help.

"They just move in to make assessment before they pinpoint out where the areas needed to address where the food shortage is or other essential living properties to make changes or support them in the villages."

Steve Nasiu says although the Honiara water supply is unaffected, residents are advised to continue to boil water for drinking.