10 Jan 2013

CNMI's Office of Public Auditor wants former AG extradited

9:27 am on 10 January 2013

In the Northern Marianas, the lawyer of the office of Public Auditor has recommended the extradition of former attorney general Edward Buckingham to face criminal charges.

George Hasselback told Governor Benigno Fitial the case against Mr Buckingham cannot proceed without a warrant from the governor for his extradition.

He says considering the seriousness of the charges pending against Mr Buckingham, a successful prosecution of the case against him should be a priority.

Mr Hasselback cited that, as the Superior Court and the Supreme Court recognized, Mr Buckingham left the CNMI with full knowledge that criminal charges had been filed against him.

The criminal charges stem from a host of incidents, including hosting a delegate candidate in 2010 and approval of a sole-source American Reinvestment and Recovery Act - a Federal programme to jump-start the U.S. economy.