12 Jan 2013

Former CNMI AG may return - Governor

10:54 am on 12 January 2013

The Northern Marianas Governor, Benigno Fitial, says he believes the extradition of the former attorney general Edward Buckingham may not be needed as he may already be planning his return to face charges and clear his name.

The Office of Public Auditor filed seven criminal misdemeanor charges against Mr Buckingham in relation his alleged hosting of a delegate candidate's campaign party and some allegedly questionable sole-source contracts.

The Saipan Tribune reports the former attorney general had left the CNMI for health reasons last August, but was served a penal summons before he left.

The matter of his extradition is with the Attorney General Joey San Nicolas and the attorneys.

The court has yet to set dates for Mr Buckingham's arraignment, the hearing of his pretrial motions, and for his trial, if necessary.