14 Jan 2013

French Polynesia back to UN for decolonisation bid

10:11 am on 14 January 2013

The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, is returning to New York to continue lobbying for the territory to be re-inscribed on the UN decolonisation list.

Mr Temaru, who was in New York last month to discuss the issue, is due to meet members of the Non-Aligned Movement when they convene at the UN.

The Non-Aligned Movement groups 120 countries in mainly Africa, Asia and Latin America, which make up a majority at the world body.

France is strongly opposed to French Polynesia's decolonisation bid, although the new president, Francois Hollande, has said Mr Temaru never raised the matter with him.

Mr Hollande questioned why there was a wish for separation, given that the French state is present.

There is moderate regional support for Mr Temaru's initiative, with Australia and New Zealand siding with Paris in opposing it.

Territories on the UN list include New Caledonia and Tokelau.