14 Jan 2013

Fresh Samoa flooding rekindles relocation calls

4:28 pm on 14 January 2013

Ongoing flooding in low-lying areas of Samoa's capital Apia has prompted a weather expert to reinforce calls for affected families to consider relocating.

An active convergence zone linked to a tropical depression located west of Apia, left low lying parts of the town underwater again on Sunday.

The downpour flooded Savalalo, Saleufi, Vaimoso, Fugalei and Taufusi and caused water damage to some homes that were already damaged after Cyclone Evan.

The acting CEO, Lagomauitua Fata Sunny Seuseu says the flooding also disrupted access to parts of the town, and forced some homes to evacuate.

He says people need to seriously consider moving to higher ground, but admits it won't be easy to leave burial sites and other personal attachments behind.

"I think with climate change also playing a major part in the changes that we are seeing in the rainfall, it will be a good investment in the long term to move away from the river banks, move away from these low lying areas."

Lagomauitua Fata Sunny Seuseu says people are also being advised to check the met service's weather advisories, rather than Facebook sites for accurate weather updates.