15 Jan 2013

Samoa churches adamant they assist flood victims

5:09 am on 15 January 2013

Samoa's Council of Churches has dismissed public criticism about churches not doing much to help communities most affected by Cyclone Evan and families still suffering as a result of flooding in low lying areas.

Cyclone Evan caused some of the worst flooding in years, and tropical depressions since have brought more heavy rain and floods to some areas.

The council's general secretary, Reverend Maauga Motu, says many denominations, including Catholic, Methodist and Congregational churches, are helping out with relief efforts.

"We are among the leaders who are sorting out the most ruined people. And they are giving out monetary gifts to them, the amounts to help them with their rebuilding (of) their churches and the houses for the people. They are doing this for everyone who was devastated, food as well. They are giving out money, food, clothes and the prayer."

Reverend Maauga Motu suspects those criticising the church aren't churchgoers.