15 Jan 2013

Air Tahiti comments on engine fire incident

2:21 pm on 15 January 2013

Air Tahiti has made a first comment after the weekend emergency landing of one of its ATR planes in French Polynesia.

The plane, with 53 passengers on board, landed safely in Tahiti after one engine caught fire on take-off for Raiatea.

The airline says on take-off oil pressure suddenly dropped, prompting the pilots to shut down the engine in line with the emergency procedure for such an event.

It says the plane landed back in Tahiti seven minutes after take-off.

Air Tahiti says the pilots have been with the airline for more than a decade.

It also says the faulty engine was six years old and had been last serviced in Canada last year.

It says the engine had only been used for a third of the time before its next scheduled overhaul.