15 Jan 2013

More testing needed to allay health fears along PNG's Fly river

4:00 pm on 15 January 2013

The former governor of Western Province in Papua New Guinea says more testing is needed to convince locals their health isn't being affected by the Ok Tedi mine.

Local media report that an investigation has shown that reports of abnormal bleeding in women in three districts near the mine were normal for women of child-bearing age and not caused by any other means.

Dr Bob Danaya says those results may still be questioned if blood and other tissue testing isn't done.

"So that it can be confirmed that this is a normal process that the women go through. So I think the department has to, now, go another step to ensure that they do normal tests in those women, who experience such symptoms, and come up with the results, so that it will clear that anxiety that local women and the villagers have along the Fly river."

Dr Bob Danaya says if confirmed testing isn't done, the same claims may come up again.