16 Jan 2013

Fitial concedes CNMI impeachment will succeed

1:24 pm on 16 January 2013

The Northern Marianas governor, Benigno Fitial, concedes that an impeachment resolution pre-filed last Monday by the newly installed House of Representatives will pass and is now looking forward to defend himself in the Senate.

His secretary says the the governor recognises that he is up against a supermajority in the House and is also aware that they are fixated in going through with the impeachment.

He says the number of co-sponsors indicates that the process will move up to the Senate and therefore it's only fair that the governor be given the opportunity to prepare for his defence in the Senate.

The 26-page impeachment resolution now has 16 sponsors in the 20-member House.

The House Speaker Joseph Deleon Guerrero says evidence gathered by the previous Impeachment Committee will be used, along with evidence related to three new allegations included in the revived impeachment resolution.