17 Jan 2013

Lolo wants end of abuse by American Samoa immigration staff

5:31 pm on 17 January 2013

The American Samoa Governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, is asking for a crackdown on immigration employees found to be breaking the law and taking advantage of foreigners.

There is a High Court case against an immigration officer who is alleged to have issued fake immigration IDs to four Chinese women on separate occasions.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says several employees of the attorney general and immigration office were also charged for similar offences a few years ago.

She says Governor Lolo has urged the Attorney General's office to fully investigate and prosecute any immigration officer found to be violating the immigration process.

"There's been quite a visible increase in the number of Asians, who are in the farming business for example as well. Apparently they have found out that some of these nationals paid big money, and they were promised ID cards, and I'm told that it's not a small number that it may be in the hundreds. They're finding out that some of these IDs were issued without going through the proper process."

Monica Miller says Governor Lolo wants these matters are dealt with in the courts promptly.