21 Jan 2013

Call for health disclosure for Tongans in RSE scheme

2:41 pm on 21 January 2013

The chairman of the New Zealand-based Tonga Advisory Council is reminding potential applicants for the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme to make full disclosures, particularly about health.

A Tongan worker recently died on the RSE scheme in New Zealand and the cause of death is still unknown.

He is the second Tongan worker to die while on the RSE scheme, after another worker died from a heart attack.

The Council's chairman, Melino Maka, says the deaths could signal a need for toughter health checks for future applicants.

"Just to make sure that they are, or we are actually targetting the right people coming here. Because if they come here and they are sick, it will be at an additional cost to them, and also when you are actually sick in a foreign country, and your loved ones are not there, it's not a good thing."

The New Zealand-based Tonga Advisory Council's chairman, Melino Maka.