22 Jan 2013

Kiribati joins network of 10KWEB

1:53 pm on 22 January 2013

Kiribati is the latest country to join up to the website 10KWEB.

10KWEB was created in 2012 by Anthony Martins and Thomas Bang as an online resource for aspiring blog writers and small business owners.

The site now has users in 15 countries such as the United States, Mexico, Britain, Germany, China, Morocco, Trinidad, Italy and New Zealand.

The company's co-founder, Anthony Martins, says they are excited to have Kiribati onboard and hopes users there can benefit.

"And just have a blogging platform to blog about whatever they like as long as it's not pornographic or a hate crime or anything like that as we don't want to promote like that. They will also have an opportunity to make some extra income if need be."

Anthony Martins says he hopes other Pacific countries could look to the site as another way to make money.