24 Jan 2013

PNG flooding leaves thousands in need

2:11 pm on 24 January 2013

Hundreds of thousands of people in Papua New Guinea living by the Wahgi River are desperate for emergency relief from the national government following a devastating flood.

Many villagers along the river have been displaced by flooding, losing gardens, food crops, livestock and homes.

The Western Highlands Provincial disaster coordinator, Pais Kar, says four people also died after heavy rain caused a land slip.

He says worst affected areas have been declared disaster zones.

He says two care centres have been set up for 700 people and the Red Cross is assisting but they need more help, as more heavy rain is forecast.

"When I talk about relief, that is including food, water and some bit of shelter like tents, some like mosquito net, that is all forming part and parcel of the relief. There is no shelter, they are all living in make shift tents but it's not good for human. They are likely to be affected by water borne diseases and all that."

Pais Kar.