24 Jan 2013

Small Fiji party hails regime's party decree

5:29 pm on 24 January 2013

The general secretary of the Fiji People's Party, which has had no MPs in parliament, says the interim government's new decree for political parties is the best ever.

Charan Jeath Singh says the decree will ensure candidates are more transparent and will mean politicians take their jobs more seriously if elected.

Mr Singh says if political parties had any real base support, getting the required 5,000 signatures will be easy.

He says the decree will rid parliament of people who become politicians as a hobby, which he claims was a problem in previous parliaments.

"Any group of people that sips a bottle of grog and says 'hey let's form a party and contest the next general election', that gives a provision for any Tom, Dick and Harry to form a party and contest. Which also gives problems for this sort of election when you have so many parties who don't really have any base support."

Charan Jeath Singh says the party will not rush to comply under the new rules but may reform and register in time for the 2014 election under a new name and symbol.