28 Jan 2013

PNG Attorney General not perturbed by stats on effectiveness of death penalty

4:41 pm on 28 January 2013

Papua New Guinea's Attorney General says he wants to reactivate the death penalty despite international data indicating that it does not help reduce crime rates.

The death penalty is part of PNG's criminal code but has been dormant for decades due to what Kerenga Kua calls a lack of rules around execution procedure.

He says the reactivated penalty would apply for a narrow band of crimes such as treason, murder and piracy.

Mr Kua is not bothered that a number of countries which have used the death penalty have failed to improve law and order.

"It's not the kind of situation where you can have hard and fast statistics. It's not the kind of subject which renders itself to concise scientific data. We've had our law and order situation for so long and none of the other attempts have succeeded in curtailing the situation that we've had."

PNG's Attorney General Kerenga Kua