29 Jan 2013

Fiji's United People's Party winds up

5:30 am on 29 January 2013

Another political party in Fiji has announced it has shut down.

The United People's Party, led by Mick Beddoes, has joined the SDL party in winding up operations following the introduction of a new decree governing political parties in Fiji

Mr Beddoes says the party's executive had made the decision before the decree came out and the new rules just hastened its closure.

Mr Beddoes, who was ousted as the Leader of the Opposition in Fiji's last parliament, says he will not be retiring from politics.

"This is simply the end of the United People's Party as a political entity which in the main represents the minorities and we're encouraging them to join one of the other parties. In the coming days I'll be announcing my decision as to which party I will be planning to join."

Mick Beddoes says the Political Parties Decree means it is more cost effective and easier to wind up the party than continue operating.